Our logo, Thank You for Painting Michella Carmella Saldana!Essential Herb Cottage.  We are truly  BLESSED. We have come to  understand that POWER really is  more effective than FORCE.   Our philosophy is that herbs are not medicine, they are "meat for the body"  (and soul!).  The body heals when it is properly nourished.  Herbs are foods which provide nourishment to the body, so IT can heal.  They are very safe and effective foods when used with proper knowledge and in a few cases specific serving sizes and preparation.  Our owner, Lynda Baker, has been an herbalist for 19 years.  Prior to that she was employed by the USDA as a Chemist at the Plant Protection and Quarantine National Residue Analysis Laboratory, where she developed methods for studies which led to the current "dirty dozen" and "clean 15" lists for pesticide levels on produce.   She has taken her knowledge of chemistry and science and combined it with a love of traditional herbs and herbal writings to produce some of the finest herbal products available.  She loves the local herbs, and has incorporated them into many of her exquisite products.